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Η 7η παρουσίαση στον δήμο Ραφήνας-Πικερμίου για την περίοδο 2018-9, θα γίνει την 7η Ιουνίου με Θέμα:

""Συναντήσεις με την Τέχνη
... Εις το Επανιδείν"

Copyright © 1983  , Tita Stavrou

 For me abstraction in painting is the best way to express all that is unexpressable and spiritual in life. I always try to evolve in my approach to abstraction, and enrich my personal style under the strong influence of Chinese and Japanese painting and pottery, as have to many other European and American artists since 1945 with lyric abstract expressionism.    <    T.S.